Kitty is a six-year-old pupil in Primary 2 in the Wakiso District of central Uganda. She wants to be a lawyer when she grows up and has gained fame in her home country for her skills as a chess player.


Not only is Kitty the Head Girl at her school, she is also an avid member of the school chess club. She's won several tournaments including a Ugandan Junior Chess Championship where she won gold and the Premium Junior Chess Championships where she won silver. Most recently, her chess team received a generous sponsorship from the President's Son, that allowed her team to represent Uganda at the African Schools and Individual Chess Championships in Zimbabwe.


Many in Kitty’s community rely on subsidence farming and will struggle to fulfil their potential. Supporting students like Kitty in communities like hers is why we founded Global Fund for Emerging Scholars, to help make dreams come true.


Hattie is a Class 6 pupil in Kenya and a very deserving recipient of a sponsorship. She is overwhelmed with joy as she speaks about her improvement in school. Since receiving the sponsorship, she improved from an average pupil, to the top pupil in her class! Hattie says, “Being in school the entire term without missing class led to the tremendous improvement I made.”


Hattie’s hobbies are dancing and singing and she is a choir member in the local church that her family attends. In the future, she hopes to become a doctor. Her mother says, “My girl will now be able to achieve her dreams of being a neurosurgeon. Ever since she was a girl she always told me that she wants to treat people who suffer from brain injuries.”


David Ikpo (pictured left) is six-years-old from Ijegun in Lagos State, southern Nigeria. He loves reading and it’s not uncommon to find him reading out loud in front of his whole class, followed by a thunderous ‘super cheer’ from his classmates for a job well done.


Before joining Bridge, David could barely read whole words let alone sentences. Now at school, David quickly learnt to read and express himself and has never looked back after gaining an insatiable appetite for reading books. He now reads one book a week and has acquired a wide circle of friends, in part due to his love of storytelling and passion for chess and football.


David’s has only been able to uncover his passion for reading due to the generous support of a sponsor.


His mother says, “I’m so proud of David, he has improved a lot since joining Bridge being able to read entire stories and novels on his own. He doesn’t allow anybody help him with his homework.” 


Lizzy wants to be a teacher when she grows up. She has been motivated by the dedication she sees in her teachers at school and wants to help more girls in Kenya access education. She loves reading story books in her free time.


It has not been easy for her parents, who do not have a permanent job, to pay school fees as well as provide basic needs for the family.  Since Lizzy has been awarded a sponsorship, her grades have been improving! She has been able to improve from position 22 to position 12 in just one term. Lizzy, who lives with her mother and father and three siblings, says that she would not have moved to this position if she had not been sponsored.


Her mother says, “I am happy to see my daughter improving in her academics. Previously she would miss sitting her exams because we struggled to send her to school.”


Gift Njami is ten-years-old and is in Class 5 in Kenya. He lives with his two siblings and is raised by his single mother. He wants to study to become an engineer one day.


After years of struggling at school due to lack of school fees, Gift was sponsored by a generous donor that allowed him the opportunity to attend school. His mother, who does casual jobs to provide for her family, is very grateful for this opportunity. She says, “If it was not for the sponsorship, my son would not be in school today.” Gift prides himself for being among the top pupils in class! He rose over the course of a term from 12th to 3rd place in class.


Gift says, “I am very grateful for the sponsorship I have received. Now I am learning like my other friends.”

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