Partner with Global Fund for Emerging Scholars

Our inaugural partner is Bridge International Academies.  We are currently conducting due-diligence of other educational providers and actively seeking additional partners for support from the Global Fund for Emerging Scholars. Criteria for funding and partnership is simple but strict:


  • SCOPE: Providing English medium primary school instruction in Sub-Saharan Africa;

  • SCALE: Serving at least 10,000 low-income students;

  • IMPACT: Externally validated and statistically significant impact analysis on learning outcomes; and,

  • CAPACITY: Proven organizational capacity with a desire for long-term partnership and growth.




The Global Fund for Emerging Scholars is a non-profit organization proud to partner with Bridge International Academies and eventually other school networks to ensure that students in sub-Saharan Africa have an opportunity to receive a life-changing education and fulfill their potential.


To find out more about Bridge International Academies as our inaugural partner, visit their website here.


To recommend another partner for funding, please email us at

Existing Partners